Come see my Altered Composition Journals

Hello Everyone, long time no post, sorry, been really busy as you will see. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and the Easter Bunny was really good to you, lots of sweets.

I’ve been busy in my “Queendom” making fun things to post on my blog. Hope you all like them and tell me what you think, honestly. I tried to cover several different themes and occasions, please let me know if I missed one that you’d like to see. My wish is your command, for a price that is! ha ha (no seriously).

Ok, now let’s see if I can figure out how to post all these pictures without blowing up my computer and in the right order.

First you’ll see my Altered Composition Journals. They can be used as a journal, diary (sorry, locks not included so watch what you write), or they can bring a little fun to your school day, if that’s even possible. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m anxious to see which one is your favorite, I know mine.


6 thoughts on “Come see my Altered Composition Journals

  1. Oh, my gosh it is so hard to chose one. I have at least 3 that are my favorite. I love all of them. But, I got to go with Tinker. What a cute one! I am sending this link to my niece and see which one she ones. This a so pretty, Great job Karen!

  2. I Love these journals! I have to say that the “Be You” and the “Kitchen” designs are my favorite, but I would totally buy your whole collection.

  3. How do I buy these and how much are they?? My 4 year old love’s to draw and Tinkerbell’s pic is on her nightstand not mommy lol! I LOVE the kitchen!! You are soo blessed with a beautiful gift and I am soo glad to have stumbled across these 🙂

    • Hi Krystle, I’m so glad you “stumbled” across my site. I would love to make your daughter a “Tink” sketch journal. What a great way to inspire her to use her talents. I would also love to make you the kitchen one. The journals are $10.00 each or 2 for $18.00. Just let me know and I”ll get those out to you. Thank you again.

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