Cute little albums

Good Morning Everyone, Well, I finally got all my pictures taken and here they are. I hope you like these darling little photo albums. Just the right size for the perfect little pic. What grandmother wouldn’t love one of these “brag books”. I know I would, when I become a grandma that is (hint hint Cristen & Greg)!

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5 thoughts on “Cute little albums

  1. Oh Karen, these creations are getting better and better! I can’t wait for your next one!. What a wonderful idea. I love the little brag book. Small to have it in my office with different events. Great idea. It won’t take a lot of room, but will have lots of great memories. Love it!! Great work my friend!

  2. Cute….. So, cute…. I love how you created so many different designs for so many different occasions. I think maybe I should buy the “beach” theme book which would force me to go to Hawaii so I could take pictures to put in my book. Wanna go? Great Job Karen. I know all your hard work will bring much joy and happiness to those who purchase your books to display their wonderful and “Sweet Memories”.

  3. Thank you for contributing to The Hat Factory’s 5000 Fan Giveaway on Facebook. Your little scrapbook is beautiful and I hope I win it!! Best wishes for continued success. (I also posted on a different page and then discovered it was your January post!)
    Elaine Sumner

    • Thank you for visiting my page. I think the Fan Giveaway prize is one of my altered journals but if you would like a mini scrapbook I would be more than happy to make one for you. Their $10.00 each. Hope you win the journal, I think you’ll really like it also.

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