Gift Card Holders – You can even mail them!

Next I’d like to share with you my Gift Card Holders. I know that special person in your life who’s celebrating a special occasion would just love to receive a gift card in one of these one of a kind holders. What a unique presentation, you’ll be the hit of the party. You can even mail them for just 4 postage stamps ($1.80) and I’ll even include an envelope for you, how easy is that. Don’t see one for the occasion you need, just let me know, I’ll make you one, yep, just for you.

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5 thoughts on “Gift Card Holders – You can even mail them!

  1. These are gorgeous! I love these gift card holders. What a wonderful idea to send a gift card, that it looks like a plain gift, but using this card holders they became a super magnificent gift. Wonderful idea Karen!

  2. OK, now these are way to darling! Great idea and Great designs!!
    I want to order one for Kathy’s upcoming birthday, but how do I choose? I love them all! Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…..

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