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Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted and I am really sorry. I’m ready to get back on the “craft wagon” and get busy creating some fun albums. 

I was trying to figure out what really makes me happy and I realized that creating altered albums makes me smile and I find myself in my “happy place”. So, my thought was to begin holding classes for anyone interested in making the “feature album” or you can have the option to purchase the kit and and make it at home. What do you think?  

I don’t have my first class album ready to show you yet, Echo Park hasn’t released the collection but will be shipping the first week in April, yippee! I can show you some pictures of the collection I will be using just to give you a “sneak peak”. Then, when the album kit is complete I will post pictures. 

I hope this spark in me to do this is successful and only time will tell but I promise to give it my all. I would love to spend some time crafting and creating with all of you and look forward to seeing God’s plan for Sweet Memories come alive. 

So, here is the collection I will be using from Echo Park called “A Perfect Summer” hope you like it. I know living in sunny California we all have tons of fun Summer photos just waiting to be put in a darling album. I will post more information on the price & date for the class very soon. If you have any questions, please email me at or post it here on my blog.

Boy Kitcover PS47020_Decorative_Brads_F SG2XX018_AlphaStickers_F LS-Chipboard PS47024_Layered_Stickers_F

Way too cute ha?



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