Fun times

We all had such a great time getting together yesterday to make our “Perfect Summer” Albums. I want to thank Karen, Julie, Sandy & Penni for coming and being such wonderful patient students. Your albums all turned out awesome. I also want to thank my wonderful sister Debbie who helped me out so much, I couldn’t have done it without you Deb.  Now, go do something really fun this summer and fill those albums with pictures you’ll treasure forever.




8 thoughts on “Fun times

  1. This wasuch a nice album! I am sure all the “students” are delighted with theirs! aren, please put me down for the September project… I can’t ait tosee what yo will be designing!!!

  2. We had so much fun making such “Sweet Memories” yesterday. It was great spending time with 5 amazingly fun and talented women. Between all the sticky glue, bakers twine, hole punching, scissoring, and embeillishing, we were able to “hang our buckets low” and complete one awesome
    album. The day was a huge success and I have my tote already packed for the “family recipe” class. I hope several of you ladies will join us. Way to go Karen!

  3. This look like lots of FUN 🙂 can’t wait to go to your class. What a beautiful album! Good Job Karen !!

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