A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Karen and I live in Riverside, CA. I have a wonderful husband and 3 terrific boys. I have my very own craft room that I call my “Queendom” where you’ll find me hanging out most of the time. I love to craft and make beautiful things for my family & friends. I have a passion for anything sparkly, pink & beautiful not to mention lots of ribbons and bows. Why I had all boys is beyond me and yes, I am praying for a darling little granddaughter one day (soon). I can’t wait to begin this new adventure and begin creating beautiful albums.  P.S. That’s my sister and me on the bike, I’m the one on the back. They always will be “Sweet Memories”.



5 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. I’m an ex California girl who moved to North Carolina 8 yrs. ago to fill my spirit and heal some wounds. I too scrapbook. I have a 3rd. bedroom for visitors but have it decorated and set-up for all my scrapbooking toys. It’s my studio, it’s my escape, it’s my creative spirit and it is mine.

  2. Fabulous blog Miss Karen!
    I am so excited that you’re going share your talents with the world!
    Okay all you scrapbook pros and novices, take it from me, I am someone with all thumbs, I can’t draw a straight-line even with a ruler, and I’m a bit colorblind, but thanks to Karen, my “pre-kindergarten scrapbooking” ends up looking fantastic!! Karen can create, and if you follow her steps you can too! Karen is a great teacher of EVERYTHING crafts I can’t wait to see pics. on Facebook, Pinterest, and on her blog! Oh, Karen, you might want to someday consider having a Webinar!So yes world, I am excited, not just for Karen, but for you too!
    God Bless,
    p.s. Karen and her sister Debbie are truly as sweet as they look!

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