My Favorite Things

Gosh, I have so many favorite things I don’t know where to begin. I could just post all my Pintrest Boards and that would pretty much cover it. You can follow me on Pintrest at Kpungaew if you like.  For now, these are a few of my favorite things:
  • I love anything vintage. I love to shop antique stores, especially Matilda’s Mouse Antique Barn. They open the barn once a month for some fun antique treasures. Here is her website if you’d like to check it out Matilda is a darling dog who gets dressed up in her holiday outfits to greet you when you arrive. It takes a while to get there but it’s a nice drive and a fun day.
  • Since my middle son joined the Navy almost 3 years ago, I have a small collection of anchors. Here is a picture of my favorite one, I know he’s really handsome isn’t he? Yes, I am a very proud Navy Mom.
Well, that’s a few of  my favorite things, I will post more later. 

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. YES, I agree Karen!! An amazingly handsome son, and son’law. What an awesome blog,and a wonderful,special place to escape. You truly need to share your talent and passionwith the scraping world,you bless so many Karen. Enjoy, I love this and so will everyone else who stops here to follow you,trust me out there,this wonderful woman is special!!

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